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  • Beautiful Union
    A platter made from wedding flowers.
  • Butterfly Garden
    A large wavy platter made using flowers and leaves from my own gardens.
  • Cape Wedding
    A wedding platter made with items from Cape Cod and also including an impression of the engagement ring and the wedding bands.
  • By the Sea
    A plate made using items picked up on vacation in Cape Cod.
  • Sarah's Spring Garden
    A snapshot in time of Sarah's garden.
  • Farm Plate
    This piece was commissioned to commemorate the special anniversary of a local farm that grows livestock feeds. Included are corn cobs, clover, alfalfa and vetch.
  • Favorite Reef
    By March I've run out of decent foliage and I'm starting to feel the need for a trip someplace tropical. So I break out my shells and seahorses and pretend...
  • Custom Wedding Platter
    Occasionally a bride pushes me outside of my comfort zone. When requesting a mauve, maroon and yellow background I wasn't sure about it. But it came out nice and she LOVES it.
  • Honeymoon Set
    This set of pottery was made from items a couple brought back from their honeymoon. In addition to the shells and plant material, they also brought back a lobster claw from a very special dinner.
  • Moms Love
    A special plate for a mom who loves lavender.
  • My Beloved
    This special platter is inscribed with "Ani L'dodi, V'dodi Li" in Hebrew, which translates to "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine". It was made for a very special anniversary.
  • Sailing Through Life Together
    This was commissioned to celebrate a wedding that took place in Newport, RI, overlooking the bay. The friends of the happy couple brought me pictures of the wedding flowers, lobster shells from the wedding reception dinner and the idea to make the platter in the shape of a sailboat.
  • Shabbat Challah
    This is a large platter with "Shabbat" on it in Hebrew for serving Challah during shabbat meals.
  • Spring Love
    A snapshot of spring here in Bolton.
  • Summer Walk - Arnold Arboretum
    One of my favorite pieces - because it held so many memories of that beautiful day. I didn't want to sell this piece, but someone else fell in love with it. Theoretically I can "just make another one", but it's just not the same...
  • Fruitlands Wedding
    This piece was made using flowers and foliage from a table centerpiece that a guest took from a wedding reception and given to the bride and groom for a gift.
  • Uncommon Love
    The bridal bouquet that was shipped to me to make this platter was amazing. The delphiniums were prominent, but the amount of herbs that were used were amazing - and made my studio smell so good as a bonus!
  • Calla Lillies in White
    A bridal platter made from the bridal bouqet which consisted mostly of white calla lillies.
  • Deck the Halls
    The first "Christmas" platter I made. Working with holly is no fun...
  • Happiness
    This large sculptural bowl was pit fired using sawdust and shavings from 2 local woodworkers. It is purely decorative, but quite pretty. I need to do more of these. Maybe after bridal season is over?
  • Impromptu
    When I make my sculptural bowls and vases, I start out with decorated slabs of clay. Occasionally (ok, more than just occasionally...) I get interupted and come back to find the slabs too stiff to work with. Those turn into wall hangings - this one is a 3 piece grouping.
  • Marissa and Brook
    The couple that ordered this plate had gotten a gift certificate for their wedding. Around their 1st anniversary they contacted me and brought over items from their gardens to remember their time here in Massachusetts as the packed and got ready to move to Colorado. A nice momento of the begining of their marriage.
  • Lilac Vase
    Every year I make a vase using lilacs. And every year someone snatches it up. I do wish lilacs were around for more than just a week in May!
  • Margaret's Astilbe and Friends
    Margaret has beautiful gardens and she wanted to capture them in a few plates. She used the plates as gifts when she travelled across the country and stayed with friends. Now her gardens are displayed in Colorado and California too!
  • Benjamin and Tov's Garden
    This was a custom piece made from flowers collected by 2 little boys - Tov and Benjamin - who were very proud of the flowers that they grew.
  • Autumn Gifts
    10" octagonal platter
  • Marlin and Laura's Anniversary
    Laura has purchased a lot of my pottery over the years to give to gifts to others. Her husband, Marlin, commissioned me to make this special platter for Laura, using flowers and foliage from her own gardens, commemorating a very special anniversary.
  • Sea Vase
    I don't do just flowers and leaves - sea shells and creatures also make great impressions!
  • Spring Prayer
    Nothing like spring and the cherry blossoms that turn into pink snow.
  • Today's Treasures
    This large platter included many impressions of plants and flowers, but also that of vintage jewelry.
  • Spring Vase
    This was the first piece I ever made for the Healing Garden. The flowers and leaves were collected during a support group session in memory of one of their members. The vase is displayed prominantly in the new meeting room.
  • Spring Wildflowers
    What you can find walking the many paths in New England in the spring.
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