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The Process - Behind the Scenes

Welcome to my studio. Here are some photos that document the process I go through to create my pottery. It all starts out as clay that is rolled out to about 1/4 inch thickness. Next, the slab is decorated by laying out leaves and flowers on the clay and then rolling them into the slab to transfer the detail of the plant material. After this impressions of objects such as shells or jewelry can be added.

slab with stuff

After the slab is decorated, it can be cut into tiles, molded and cut into a platter, or torn into pieces and used to build a sculptural bowl like the one below. After being allowed to dry, the pieces are fired (bisque firing) and then painted using underglazes and mason stains. A clear glaze is then applied and the piece is fired again to achieve the final product.


Below is a set of photos that show the transformation from slab to final piece.

s and j slab

This is the slab of clay with the flowers and foliage pressed into it.

The platter made from the slab after it has gone through it's first firing and the underglazes and mason stains have been applied.

The final product after a clear glaze has been applied and the piece has gone through the glaze firing.